MMD3 Service

All the Exporters, CHAs and Freight forwarders can be requested to avail the following benefits with regards to this simplified process.

  • 1. Linkage with E-Form 6/13 and E-VGM module for smoother workflow.
  • 2. MMD3 provides the option of uploading the shipping bill via E-Sanchit, thus eliminating data entry errors.
  • 3. MMD3 has provision to upload excel template for bulk shipping bills, thereby saving time & eliminate errors.
  • 4. MMD3 provides option for attaching documents, such as, shipping bill/EIR/Tally sheet, stuffing report, etc.
  • 5. Physical presence of the Customers are not required as they can do the work electronically from their end.
  • 6. Will ease the GST refund procedure due to error free EGM data.

Sea Cargo Manifest & Transshipment - SCMT

  • Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Custom (CBIC) vide notification No. 38/2018-Cus (NT) dated 11.05.2018 read with notification No.65/2018-Cus (NT) dated 30.07.2018 and 88/2018-Cus (NT) dated 30.10.2018 notified Sea Cargo Manifest and Transshipment Regulations 2018.
  • This regulation supersedes the earlier regulations of Import Manifest (Vessels) Regulations, 1971, Export Manifest (Vessels) Regulation, 1976 and Transportation of Goods (Through Foreign Territory) Regulations of 1965. The new regulation stipulates changes in timelines and requirements for advance notice by shipping lines (vessels) arriving in India and Exports through shipping lines (vessels) out of India.
  • As per the new regulations, the Authorized Sea Carrier (ASC)/Authorized Sea Agent (ASA) shall submit an Arrival Manifest electronically, prior to departure from the last port of call to the Indian Port of call. And submit a Departure Manifest electronically before departure from the Indian Port of call.
  • The submission of Arrival and Departure Manifest shall have to be complied with by the ASC/ASA before departure from the last port/customs station of call to every Indian customs station and Departure then on respectively.

SCMT Scope

The Scope is to provide list of messages involved in this process
and provide format, sample for generation of declaration.
The brief of messages are as follows:

  • Sea Arrival Manifest Filing (SAM)
  • SeaArrival Manifest - Acknowledgement
  • SeaArrival Manifest Filing – Amendment (SAA)
  • Sea Arrival Manifest Amendment - Acknowledgement
  • Sea Departure Manifest Filing (SDM)
  • Sea Departure Manifest Filing - Acknowledgment
  • Sea Departure Manifest Amendment Filing (SDA)
  • Sea Departure Manifest Amendment - Acknowledgment
  • Sea Departure Notification (SDN)
  • Sea Departure Notification - Acknowledgment

SCMT Stake Holders

Following Stakeholders are involved in the implementation:

  • Authorized Sea Carrier (Including Shipping line)
  • Authorized Sea Agent (Steamer/Shipping Agent)
  • Authorized Carrier (Transhipper)**
  • Terminal Operator
  • Custodian
  • Authorized Persons of all the above